Spotify Power Search

I wanted to take some time in learning Framer, an interactive high-fidelity prototyping tool. What if we can search for a band, track, or playlist quicker on a app called Spotify?


At the time, on the Spotify app, it would take about three steps or more to get to the search screen so that I can choose a particular artist, track, or playlist. Ideally, I would love to get to the search screen quicker so that I can begin jogging, or to start driving my car to get some errands done around town.

Learning Framer

Back in April 2016, I took a Framer workshop at the Creative South conference in Columbus, Georgia.  A workshop done by George Kedenburg III from Facebook. The workshop made me think on how to add this great tool to the design process so that I can communicate interactions better with people. 

Using Sketch

I started to take screenshots of the Spotify app of the transitions of how it should work. From the workshop, I learned that it's important to set up the layer names, and position the layers as best as you can before importing to Framer.

A big thank you to George for the Creative South workshop on learning Framer. A big thank you as well to the Framer Community in helping me understand further about making this example work.